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Order placed afternoon 24 Oct - Mirror delivered mid morning 26 Oct, and I was advised of delivery date in advance. This can only be described as EXCELLENT SERVICE, and I am of course delighted with the mirror. (G. Purcell)

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Convex-Mirrors Ltd sell a full range of convex mirrors for all applications including Anti-theft, Driveways, Parking Assistance, Junctions, Security and Blind Spots.

We are a family-run UK business based in the West Country. We pride ourselves on customer service and always answer e-mails and phone calls promptly.

We're always happy to help with any questions or advice on choosing the best product for your needs.

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We bring you the best convex safety and security mirrors available anywhere in the world. Our range of superior European convex mirrors are the finest money can buy, while our standard mirrors offer both quality and value.

Our standard and traffic mirrors are made from polycarbonate which is the strongest material available and almost unbreakable (see the Gorilla Test).

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Learn about our purpose-built Cycle Safety "Trixi" Mirror...

All our mirrors are lighweight and easy to install. If you require mirrors in quantity, or can't find the mirror you are looking for please contact us.